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Model Gallery

Oklahoma City National Memorial

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This lighted model depicts the winning National Memorial design. The model was a fund raising tool and was used in a national TV campaign, also the site dedication ceremony where the Vice President of the United States attended.
Caribbean Resort & Casino
Saint Martin (French side) & Sint Maarten (Dutch side)

This ‘life-like’ detailed resort & casino model shows future construction and existing developments of the entire resort site including an eighteen hole golf course.
Southwest Medical Center Campus
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This model was built to help plan future expansions and show existing structures. On display in the main lobby, the model also has a public relations function.
Army Research Laboratory - Building Model
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

This building model is one of two models we built for the Army Corps of Engineers. It was unveiled at the ground-breaking ceremony by the President of the United States.
Tulsa International Airport
Tulsa, Oklahoma

The airport model helps the board visualize future planning and it is very informative for the general public when used as an exhibit center piece in one of their lounge areas.

Montereau in Warren Woods
Upscale Retirement Center

A detailed model showcasing the entire healthcare complex. This scale model sets in Montreau’s sales office and is an integral part of their sales presentation.

Oklahoma State University Athletic Center
Stillwater, Oklahoma

This model was built using half etched metal for seams and exacting detail on the brick pattern. The model is used as a fund-raising tool for the University.
Army Research Laboratory - Site Model
Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland

The entire 4600 - Block area was modeled to include all roads, gates, landscape and future buildings in the facility’s master plan.
Happy Hill Farm Academy/Home
Granbury, Texas

The Happy Hill Farm is a private, non-profit residential school on Highway 144 southwest of Granbury, Texas. The foundation will use this model in their ambitious timely expansion efforts.
Hopi Health Care Center
Polacca, Arizona

The Hopi Health Care Center Steering Committee requested a model to communicate the new design to both themselves and their people.
Applied Instruction Facilities
Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri

Twelve models were constructed of the Fort Leonard Wood Facility, six interior models and six detailed exterior models.
Oaktree Golf Course & Country Club
Edmond, Oklahoma

This detailed model is used in their sales office as a marketing tool for lot sales, a planning tool for development, and on special occasions is displayed for public relations.
Continental Western Group
Des Moines, Iowa

Full color presentation model. This model was unveiled at the ground-breaking ceremony.
Rose State College Communication Center
Midwest City, Oklahoma

The college used this model to help book event dates in the Communication Center two years before construction was finished. It also helped with recruiting new students.
Dean A. McGee Memorial
Cascade Gardens in a park setting

This detailed model was constructed to show a variety of water features and how they would be incorporated into the existing park.
Los Alamos National Laboratories
Nonproliferation and International Security Center

Los Alamos National Laboratories is another example of a high security installation where Architectural Models was selected to construct their model in confidence.
Sandia National Laboratories
Livermore, California

This model showed the proposed expansion at the Sandia "Star Wars" Laboratory.
Friendship West Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

The ‘life-like’ detailing on this church model shows future developments proposed for the entire church site.
Crude Oil Storage Facility
Oil Marketing & Transportation Company, Houston, Texas

This model was used in the Company’s public relation efforts including the ground breaking ceremonies.
Malibu Residence
Malibu, California

This detailed Malibu residence model shows the ocean front beach and Pacific Coast Highway. This model was a gift and sets in a movie producer’s office in Hollywood.
Grando Parking Garage
Automated Parking

The parking facility is completely automated and offers many security features along with having fast and efficient service. This was an animated model computer controlled.
Rose Creek Real Estate Company
Golf Course & Family Living

Rose Creek development model included two phases of construction centered around an outstanding 18 hole golf course. The Phase II included a water park playground.
Federal Campus Site Model
Murrah Building Replacement, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This was a very versatile mass model used for planning and public relations. Several blocks of downtown OKC were modeled using interchangeable ‘plugs’ to show three different design concepts in their surroundings.
Paramount Terrace Christian Church
Design Model Used for Fund Raising

This study model or mass model was used to review the new design in relation to the existing building and also for fund raising purposes. The model showed the entire site.
Beverly Hills Garden Landscaping
Beverly Hills, California

Formal yard design model showing specific types of trees, shrubs and flower beds.
Performing Arts Theatre for Ariel Theatrical
Salinas, California

This study model is a new design of an existing building which will be redesigned into a theatre.
Indiana State Police Memorial Plaque
Indianapolis, Indiana

This custom desk plaque model is a designed reproduction of the Indiana State Police Memorial.
Tenth Special Forces Group (A) Complex
Fort Carson, Colorado

This new facility houses the Tenth Mountain Division. The model assists in display and planning.
1909 Economy Motor Car
Joliet Museum

This custom scale model “high wheeler” was designed from photos and dimensions supplied by an owner of one of the few original cars still in existence.
1900-1909 Joliet Interurban Trolley
Joliet Museum

This custom scale model was constructed solely from photos as no plans exist for this particular “Interurban Trolley 120”.
1923 Checker Cab
Joliet Museum

This custom scale model Checker Cab was made from photos and dimensions supplied by an owner of the only known original car still in existence.
Pleasure Yachts
“Auriga” & “Marie”

These yachts are exact in color with surface details and all to scale using the naval architect’s construction drawings.
NBC Dateline Model
Model Design from Federal Bureau of Prisons

This detailed model was constructed to show what the prison cell looked like that Kenneth Michael Trentadue was incarcerated in and was used on the Dateline TV show as a visual aid.
Model Base / Contours / Topographic
Monolithic Polyurethane Bases

All of our contour bases are cut from a solid piece of polyurethane foam. These bases make a sturdy base to build a quality model on.
Compaq Super Computer
Pittsburgh’s Supercomputing Center

This model represents the computer room which will house Compaq’s super computer capable of ciphering six trillion calculations per second.
Computer Room at Los Alamos National Laboratories
Los Alamos, New Mexico

This SCC classified computer model was used for trade shows and computer conventions prior to construction. We built three identical models to be used at different locations.
“Fallingwater” Special Edition Display Model

The Edgar J. Kaufmann House, Mill Run, Pennsylvania. Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, 1935.
Fallingwater, the first, in a series of Special Edition models from Architectural Models.

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